Below are some of the brands and styles of bikes we carry.
Whatever your riding style, we have a bike for you!

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Trek Bikes – We’ve been building the world’s best bikes for over 25 years. And we’re still looking to improve. That drive for new ideas starts with a passion for riding. With testing grounds like the Tour de France, we’ve come up with some pretty amazing stuff.

Gary Fisher Bikes – A single idea can inspire a revolution. Every Gary Fisher bike, from the first cobbled-together Mountain Bikes to Genesis Geometry to the Sugar,springs from Gary’s desire to find a better way.

Lynskey Performance BicyclesA custom bike can be many things. It can be the ultimate race machine for the elite professional, it can be the perfect fit for the rider with unique anatomic needs, or it can be a one of a kind creation simply because that’s what you want.  Regardless of your reasons for wanting a custom bike you can rest assured that a Lynskey custom will be your “perfect” bike. For over 30 years the Lynskey family has been creating custom bikes for the elite professional and amateur enthusiast.


Calfee Design – At Calfee Design we build carbon fiber bike frames of superlative quality. Our durable frames have performed well in world class competitions like the Ironman and the Tour de France and have been ridden by topnotch professional riders. Featuring a unique carbon fiber gusset construction, these frames are built to endure the most rigorous conditions. Calfee Black Bamboo frames are the new renewable resource frame.
MOUNTAIN BIKES – The term mountain bike refers to a wide range; some are designed for rough off-road riding, some are really just durable street bikes that could also handle some light duty path riding.  COMFORT BIKES – Similar to mountain bikes, but a more upright posture (higher handlebars) bigger, softer seats, suspension seat posts (really a treat), fairly smooth wide tires – some will even have shock forks.

HYBRID BIKES – like a mountain or comfort bike with taller, medium width tires that roll more easily and are a good option for riders who will stay primarily on roads, but don’t want a “bent over” bike. Lighter and faster than a comparable mountain bike.


ROAD BIKES – fast, light bikes with thin tires made for pavement only. Drop handlebars allow a variety of hand positions and a more aero profile.

TRIATHLON BIKES – the most aero of road bikes used primarily for multi-sport events like biathlon (bike/run) or triathlon (swim/bike/run).

TOURING – very similar to a road bike with a longer wheel base, slightly larger tires, stronger wheelset, more efficient brakes, usually a steel frame with the ability to load up with lots of gear.

TANDEM – Two riders, one bike. Too much fun.

BMX/FREESTYLE – The lightest fastest type of 20 inch bike, these are designed to ride in the dirt. One hand brake in the rear, knobby tires, no gyro. Not for jumping.

DIRT JUMPING – 20 inch bikes with heavy duty wheels, frame, forks, handlebars, and cranks for taking flight.